My writing coaching involves a 5 step process:

1. Big picture planning and dreaming

In the first step, we’ll dive deep into your goals and dreams for your writing project, whether it’s a website, a blog, or a story. I’ll guide you through intuitive, playful activities to unpack your big dreams and why your writing is so important to you. This step provides the motivational foundation and structure moving forward.

2. Idea generation

Based on your big picture goals and dreams, I’ll guide you to generate lots of ideas for your stories, blog posts, website, or marketing materials. We’ll create a plan for meeting and exceeding your goals in the coming months.

3. Supported writing

I will create a supportive structure so that you get your writing done – and so that you’ll fearlessly write what you need to write. As you listen to your voice and write your stories and blog posts, you will get to know yourself better as a writer and a person.

4. Writing refinement and development

 We will go over your writing and I’ll help you make it clearer, improve the structure, and amplify your unique voice. With my guidance, you will gain insight into what makes your writing unique and your writing will improve with each piece we work on together.

5. Planning for the future

We’ll create a plan of action moving forward so that you feel supported to continue writing on your own. If you choose, we can then meet every once in awhile to check in and make sure you’re still pursuing your writing goals.