The One Thing You Need to Get Right When You Start Your Blog


The one thing you need to get right when you start your blog

A few days ago, I got an email from a new blogger who said she wanted to start her blog off right. Here’s what she wrote:

“Hi Daniela,  I am just building my blog and investing the time to research now and “get it right” from the start. My one question would be – what do you think is THE most important thing to get right from the very beginning?”

I immediately knew the answer, and it’s not what you might think.

In the beginning, you don’t need to choose the right audience or the right niche. You don’t need to have a great blog design. All of these things are important, but they come with time (at least in my experience).

The one thing you need to get right from the very beginning of your blogging journey is your MINDSET.

Keep these 5 concepts in mind, and you’ll be well prepared to create a successful blog.

1. Blogging is a long term game, and it doesn’t start to pay off for at least a few months, so it’s EXTREMELY important to be committed for the long haul.

Many (if not most) bloggers start out with high expectations for their blogs. They imagine themselves sitting in a hammock in Tahiti and blogging away while the money keeps flowing in.

They look forward to accolades and recognition. They imagine themselves being interviewed on popular podcasts, and saying things like, “If I can make money from my blog, anyone can.” (Or maybe that’s just me.)

But that’s not how blogging feels in the beginning. When you just start your blog (and, let’s be honest, even when you’re months or years into it), blogging can feel really lonely.

You see all of the rewards in the distant future, but because you aren’t experiencing them now, you start to get discouraged.

It’s really important to realize that your blog is a work in progress. Even if you are the best writer EVER and each post is FANTASTIC, you need to give people a chance to find you.

So go into it knowing that you’re not going to be rewarded with money or fame in the beginning. Be patient. If you’re committed to your blog’s growth, it will happen.

But it will happen slowly. So be prepared.

2. Celebrate the small wins – a good blog is built one day at a time. So keep at it.

Sometimes, even now, I get discouraged about my blog. I have a few people unsubscribe from my email list. Or my most recent post hasn’t been as popular as I wanted it to be.

That’s when I remind myself to celebrate the small wins.

Every comment you get on a post, every social share, every person who tells you they benefitted from reading your blog, is a reason to celebrate. Even writing a post is something to smile about.

Focusing on those big rewards you aren’t getting yet is an instant recipe for discouragement and sadness.

Instead of thinking, I wish I was as popular as [insert popular blogger here], why not think, Someone tweeted my blog post! They liked it! or I wrote a blog post every week this month!

Think of these small wins as fuel for the inner fire that keeps you moving forward.

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3. Blogging is social. You don’t have to do it alone. And you shouldn’t do it alone, either.

Like dancing, blogging is way more fun with others. (Although I do like blasting music and dancing around my apartment every once in awhile…)

There are 3 essential groups to connect with as you build your blog:

Blogger friends.

Your blogger friends will be there for you when the other people in your life just don’t get the whole blogging thing. They will help promote your posts. They will give you feedback to make your blog better. Go find them.

Find them in Facebook groups, on Pinterest, in Twitter chats. (I recommend the SITS Girls chat at 10AM EDT every Saturday.)

Blogging mentors.

Don’t be intimidated by bloggers who are farther on the path than you are. Learn from them by analyzing what they do and seeing how you can do the same – in your own way.

And reach out to them. You never know – they might just help you get to the next level with your blog.

Your readers.

Your blog’s primary purpose – other than being a creative outlet for you – is to connect with an audience. You are writing to give your readers a certain experience. To help them or inspire them in some way. Build relationships with them. Ask them what they care about. If they comment on your posts, respond.

Connecting with your readers will give you great ideas for what to blog about, and it will motivate you to keep blogging.

For more, read this blog post about how to get the blogging support you need.

4. Treat building your blog like building a business.

So many bloggers go into blogging without any idea of the big picture. They get inspired to write a few posts. And after their posts are written, they don’t know what to do next. So they wait for inspiration to strike again. Which could be months later.

Have you ever heard of someone building a business this way?

Successful business owners write a business plan. They have monthly and yearly goals. And they have plans for how to get there.

It’s the same for bloggers. Bloggers who set specific, measurable goals are more likely to actually grow their blogs.

For example, my first month of blogging, my goal was to blog everyday. The next month, my goal was to become a Pinterest ninja and build my traffic. The following month, my goal was to start growing my email list.

Set specific goals for your blog. That way, you’ll always see a path forward. And you won’t stop blogging just because you feel uninspired.

5. Your blog is your space to be you.

Learn from the blogging gurus, but more so, be honest in your writing and trust yourself.

You could read for days about how to be a successful blogger. The bloggers who have “made it” all have a prescription for how you can be successful, too. And that’s great. But following their paths will only get you so far.

The real reason they are so successful now is because they had the courage to write blogs that stood apart from the crowd.

And the only way you can do that too is by owning your story and your voice, and fearlessly following your own path.

It’s writing a blog that people want to share, and come back to, because it helps them or inspires them in a way that no other blog does.

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To recap…

The 5 mindset pieces you absolutely need right from the beginning of your blogging journey are:
1. It’s going to take awhile. And that’s okay.
2. Celebrate the small wins.
3. Blogging is social.
4. Don’t wait for inspiration – plan for success instead.
5. Fearlessly write in your own voice.

With the right mindset, and a strong sense of determination, your blog will grow into something amazing. So stick with it.