Education and Training

Center for Digital Storytelling, Facilitator’s Workshop, 2011

University of Colorado at Denver, M.A. in Educational Psychology, 2009

Hampshire College, B.A. in Storytelling through Creative Writing, Film, Photography, and Theater, 2005

Denver School of the Arts, Creative Writing Major, 2000

Hi. I’m Daniela. I am a writer, a teacher, and a creative woman.

Writing has been a constant thread in my life, ever since I was 4 years old. I told stories to my mom and she wrote them down in a journal with flowers on the cover. (I think she still has it.)

Since then I’ve published my poetry, stories, and articles in literary journals, my blog, online publications, and even a book published by Crown Press. But my published writing only shows a tiny piece of my writing journey.

Through writing, I’ve been able to express what really matters to me, and at the same time, to learn what truths need to come out into the light.

One of my most powerful experiences with writing has been building my blog. I’ve been writing on my blog since December of 2014, and in consistently writing and sharing blog posts, I’ve learned a great deal about my inner life, what I have to offer the world, and how I enjoy working with people.

Through my blog, I have connected with and taught writers from all parts of the world, from France to Bali, California to North Carolina. It’s opened me up to a worldwide community of incredible educators, artists, and business owners.

I’m also a trained teacher.

I taught 3rd grade for three years before leaving to start my own business(es).

My favorite part of teaching was learning what made each student thrive and helping them apply their unique set of skills and interests to their learning.

When you work with me, you’ll find that empathy comes before tactics, that our sessions are driven by your unique needs as a writer and a learner, and that I’ll help you find your answers far more than I’ll give you mine.