Writing has been a constant thread in my life, ever since I was 4 years old. I told stories to my mom and she wrote them down in a journal with flowers on the cover. (I think she still has it.)

Since then I’ve published my poetry, stories, and articles in literary journals, my blog, online publications, and a book published by Crown Press.

My clients have included a podcaster, a makeup company, a bus conversion company, a community college, professional bloggers, PR companies, and popular online publications.

What I believe about writing:

I believe that good writing is honest writing. I love words, and make sure that each one matters.

Storytelling is at the heart of powerful content, as is humor, depth, and imagination. Writing should challenge the status quo, open people’s eyes, be clear and concise and a joy to read.

Through writing, you can delight people, hone your brand, and show your customers what you really care about.

Writing is the key to unlock hearts, to open minds, and to make loyal fans.

But only if it’s done well.

Some snippets of my story…

  • I live with my husband, daughter, and goldendoodle in Denver, Colorado.
  • I am a coffee lover. My favorite is Ethiopian pour-over.
  • I’ve traveled to over 30 countries. My most recent trip was to Germany and Austria.
  • I love people who feel like they don’t fit in, who want to make something new and different and amazing.
  • I’ve lost my keys 5 times this morning. (This applies no matter when you’re seeing these words.)

Education and Training

Center for Digital Storytelling, Facilitator’s Workshop, 2011

University of Colorado at Denver, M.A. in Educational Psychology, 2009

Hampshire College, B.A. in Storytelling through Creative Writing, Film, Photography, and Theater, 2005

Denver School of the Arts, Creative Writing Major, 2000