How to Make Blogging as Delicious as Eating Cupcakes

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How to make blogging as delicious as eating cupcakes

Imagine eating a really delicious cupcake from your favorite local bakery.

You lick the chocolate frosting slowly, wanting to savor every bite. As you nibble at the cake, you stop to enjoy the sweet flavor on your tongue. This cupcake is so damn good, you want to keep eating it forever.

Do you ever feel this way about blogging?

That you want to keep blogging forever, because it just feels that good?

I do.

But my blogging journey didn’t start out that way. My first 5 blogs all failed. Why? Because I stopped enjoying the process. Because blogging felt more painful than joyful after awhile. And who wants to do something that doesn’t feel good?

When blogging is delicious, you look forward to doing it, just like you look forward to treating yourself with a yummy cupcake. When blogging is delicious, you actually crave it. (This weekend, I had to force myself to take a day off from my blog, because I am that addicted to it.)

Why does blogging on this blog feel like eating a red velvet cupcake, when my last 5 blogs felt more like eating spinach after awhile? And how can you enjoy your blogging process more?

Here is my recipe for making blogging as yummy as eating your favorite cupcake:

1. Appreciate where you are in your blogging journey.

Imagine eating a vanilla cupcake, then looking over at your friend’s chocolate cupcake and realizing that you want hers more. Suddenly your own cupcake isn’t so tasty anymore.

It’s the same with blogging. If you spend a lot of time looking at other blogs, and wishing you were that good, or that popular, etc., you won’t enjoy your own journey as much.

If you are a beginner, enjoy it. Now is your time to experiment and find your voice. You can just focus on writing and promoting, which won’t be the case when you are in the later stages of building your audience.

Instead of looking at where you want to be, take time to appreciate where you are. This is the beginning of a long and exciting journey. You don’t know what lies ahead. So savor this moment.

Even if you’re not a beginner, you may feel the compulsion to compare your blog with others. But the only way to really love blogging is to be able celebrate your own blog, even while you acknowledge the awesome blogs of others.

Basically, focus on your own cupcake (blog). You’ll enjoy it a lot more that way.

2. Build your blog in small, tasty bites.

I was coaching a blogger last night who said she felt like she was always missing a piece of the blogging puzzle. There are SO MANY ways to improve your blog and she was anxious she might miss one.

Just like you appreciate a cupcake more when you eat it slowly, blogging becomes a lot more enjoyable when you commit to tackling it one chunk at a time.

First, just write. Don’t worry about all of the promotional stuff. Just write and work on determining your focus and your angle.

Then connect with your audience, once you’ve figured out what audience you are trying to attract. Talk to them. Gather ideas that they really care about.

Then you can think about promoting your blog on one social media channel.

Each of these steps can take months. And that’s okay. Your blog will grow one post at a time, one conversation at a time.

I know you want to be 6 months ahead of where you are with your blog. But the only way to get there is to do one thing, right now, to move your blog forward.

If you shoved your cupcake into your mouth all at once, you would choke. And you wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much. It’s the same with your blog.

3. Don’t be afraid to choose a focus.

I am notorious for not being able to pick what I want to eat. I might look at a case of cupcakes for 10 minutes, totally frozen and unable to choose one. Then when I finally do pick one, I wonder if I made the right choice.

Do you ever feel like you are in that indecisive place with your blog? You want to write about so many topics, you get overwhelmed, and end up not writing a blog post at all.

Choosing a focus can feel scary, because you are committing. But you have to commit to a particular focus and a particular audience to grow your blog. And once you do, blogging gets way better.

Instead of sitting there wondering what to write about every time you go to write a blog post, ideas seem to be everywhere.

Having a focus is like actually buying and eating a cupcake instead of just looking at them and scratching your head. Your blog feels tangible.

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4. Blog with others.

Eating cupcakes with friends is way more fun than eating them alone.

And blogging with friends isn’t just way more fun – it’s absolutely essential.

You need community to stay motivated, to get feedback, and to know what direction to take with your blog. Otherwise you will get lonely. And you will lose motivation. And blogging will start to feel like work, instead of play.

So get out there and make some blogging friends.

They will keep you committed to the journey. And when blogging starts to feel like eating spinach and liver, they’ll remind you how delicious blogging can be at its best.

How to make blogging as delicious as eating cupcakes