How to Get Clarity and Build Your Business with Hey, Nice Package


How to get clarity and grow your business with Hey, Nice Package

A few months ago, I knew I wanted to help business owners become happier, more focused, more strategic bloggers. I had a vague process in mind, but not enough to feel truly confident when people asked me what I did.

I went to a conference in January for women entrepreneurs, and I stood up and said I was a blogging coach. A lot of women seemed interested in my services, but I didn’t really know what those services were.

After the conference, I emailed a couple of the women I met and followed up. But I felt a little uneasy, because I knew that if they expressed a real interest in working with me, I wouldn’t know exactly what to do next.

Then I heard about Rebecca Tracey’s course, Hey Nice Package.

I had made a commitment to myself not to buy anymore online courses this year. And I really wanted to keep to my commitment. But it sounded like exactly what I needed – a clear, step by step process for creating service packages that people actually want.

I figured it wasn’t just an online course – it was one that was offering exactly what I needed for my business. After reading her brilliant sales page so many times it felt like a guilty pleasure, I made the leap and bought it.

And it has literally transformed my business and my blog. Here’s how.

1. I now have a specific, well tested process for working with clients.

Before I did Hey, Nice Package, I couldn’t explain exactly what I did to help clients. And I also didn’t have specific offerings. It was just, Work with me and I’ll help you have a better blog.

Raise your hand if that would make you want to hire someone.

My new coaching packages have been tested with actual clients, which means that I can say with complete confidence that I can help business owners become more strategic, and better, bloggers. Selling is hard, and having that belief in myself really, really helps.

Having a specific process not only makes me more confident in sharing what I do with other people, it also has made blogging WAY easier for me.

I can look at my process, break it down into specific steps, and then write blog posts about those steps. No more wondering what to write about.

I also help clients come up with blog post ideas based on their business processes. It’s way easier when they know exactly what that process looks like, from beginning to end.

2. I now understand the specific results I help my clients achieve.

One of the big topics Rebecca covers in the course is figuring out your clients’ point A – where they come to you – and their point B – where they are when they are done working with you.

It’s such a simple concept, but SO huge, both in terms of business and blogging.

Knowing my clients’ point A means I can easily decide who is the right fit for my services and who isn’t.

And knowing what falls outside of my points A and B helps me say no to things I don’t want to do, so I end up only doing work that fits into my “sweet spot.”

Are you wondering what my points A and B are?

When clients come to me (my point A), they:

1. Know what their business is and who they serve.
2. Have a specific process for helping their clients.
3. Want to blog but don’t really get how they can use their blog to build their business.
4. May have written a few posts but aren’t blogging consistently.
5. Struggle to come up with blog post ideas.
6. Lack confidence, clarity, focus, and direction.

When they leave (my point B), they:

1. Understand how to plan posts that drive their business goals.
2. Clearly see the connection between their business and their blog.
3. Have improved their writing and brought more of their own quirky awesome selves into their blog posts.
4. Have a plan for blogging consistently, and for using their blog posts to get more email subscribers and clients.

Doesn’t that sound better than saying, I help business owners improve their blogs?

My points A and B are also a great guide for knowing whether to blog about something or not. If a topic falls between my 2 points, I know it is a great one to write about.

For example, this post falls between my A and B, because I am confident that Hey, Nice Package will help business owners get more clarity about their businesses, and therefore, their blogs as well.

3. I have met some really, really awesome people. And I’ve also grown confidence in selling my stuff.

The first thing you do in Rebecca’s process is survey your audience. The survey process really helped me understand where people were struggling and how to help them.

I also had some great conversations that further clarified how I could serve my clients. The data from the surveys and conversations have basically fueled all of my blog posts for the past few months.

Another part of the course is doing a beta test before offering your packages full price.

Doing my beta-test has been amazing. Many of the business owners I’ve worked with have become real friends.

My relationship with one of my beta testers, Sue Anne Dunlevie of Successful Blogging, has brought me great guest posting opportunities and a chance for me to be coached on how to improve my blog as well.

As a result of this process, I’ve become way more confident selling my packages. I’ve been able to practice selling my stuff for a ridiculously low price, which is a great warm up for selling it for the real price.

I’ve also gotten amazing feedback on my coaching process and I have testimonials that will make it easier to sell my services in the future.

4. I came away with a process that I can repeat again and again when I want to create new service packages for my clients.

One of the biggest benefits of the course is that it gives you a clear, easy to follow process for creating multiple service packages, from one on one coaching to group courses.

As my business and my blog grow, I can return to Hey, Nice Package to create new packages that I am confident will really help people.

How to get clarity and grow your business with Hey, Nice Package

To sum up:

Hey, Nice Package has helped me:
1. Clarify my specific process for helping clients.
2. Understand the exact results I help my clients achieve.
3. Build relationships and become better at selling.
4. Have a process for creating packages as my business grows and changes.

Does Hey, Nice Package sound like it’s right for you? Click here to check it out.

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