How to Set and Achieve Audacious Blogging Goals

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 How to set and achieve audacious blogging goals

In the past, I would get super excited about an idea for a blog. And then I would work on it with passion. For about 1 month.

After that one month mark, I would stop.


Because I didn’t have any other specific goals for my blog. All I had was a few content ideas, and a huge longterm vision of success. But there was nothing in the middle – no incremental steps to make my dream a reality.

This year, I did it all differently. Every month, I wrote down specific numbers I wanted to hit.

And, surprisingly, it worked. My blog audience has grown SO MUCH this year. Yours will, too. If you plan for it.

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5 Blogging Goals to Keep in Mind as You Make Your Plan


1. Create incredible content.

When you first start blogging, your primary concern will be creating content that people crave. But how do you do this?

1. Write a list of possible topics you can write about.

2. Break it down and choose one to focus on at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed.

3. Set up a blogging schedule where you put out regular content.

4. Create a writing style that is uniquely yours. Pay attention to which posts are getting the most attention, and then use that information to guide your writing.

You will know you are successful when:

You blog consistently. You look forward to blogging and never run of ideas to blog about.

2. Get more eyes on your blog.

In your first year of blogging, you want your number of readers to grow every month. Here’s how to make it happen:  

1. Keep writing! The more awesome posts you write, the more opportunities people will have to find your blog.  

2. Each month, choose a social networking platform to master so that you can get your blog posts out there.  

3. Make sure you have social sharing buttons installed on your blog.  

4. Comment on other people’s blog posts and build relationships with potential readers.  

5. Build relationships with influencers.  

6. Guest post.  

You’ll know you are successful when:

Your Google Analytics and social share numbers go up.

3. Build relationships with your current readers.

You don’t just want people to stop by and leave. You want them to come back. But how do you make sure they don’t disappear forever?  

1. Build an email list so that you can let people know about future posts.  

2. Respond to comments.  

3. Join Facebook groups and Twitter chats, and deliberately build relationships with people.  

4. Ask people to tell you what they want to read about, and then give it to them. Over and over again.

 You will know you are successful when:

You hear from the same people again and again. Your email list numbers go up. Your readers feel like friends.

4. Create a community around your blog.

This is when your readers don’t just have a relationship with you, but with each other as well. They talk to each other about your posts, and they share your posts and spread your message.

How to build community:  

1. Create a gathering place for your tribe. This can be a Facebook group, a Google+ community, a Twitter chat, a link up, etc.  

2. Make an event where people can connect. Think a webinar, challenge, course, etc.  

3. Give back to your community. Give them reasons to connect with each other and with you.  

You will know you are successful when:

You have a growing group of people who love connecting with each other and with you.

5. Making money from your blog

For many bloggers, the big goal is to make money. But how?  

1. Selling affiliate products to your audience.  

2. Selling ad space on your blog to sponsors.  

3. Writing sponsored posts.  

4. Selling products or services.  Keep in mind that no matter how you choose to make money, the real way to create an income from your blog is to build a loyal audience that trusts you. I definitely recommend weaving these monetizing goals in with your other blogging goals, but don’t make them your primary concern – at least at first.

You will know you are successful when:

You are making, and meeting, reasonable income goals.

How to set and achieve audacious blogging goals

Now that you have an idea of the 5 main goals, you can create a monthly plan for meeting them.

1. Each month, choose 1 or 2 of these goals to focus on.

 2. For each of the goals, write specific steps for how you will meet them.

 3. Break this down into weekly action plans.  

Here’s an example:

Let’s say in September, your primary goals are content creation and getting more eyes on your blog. Your specific goals and action steps could be:


Write 2 blog posts a week.



 1. Find a specific focus to write about for the month.

 2. Break that focus into 4 topics, and blog about one each week.  

3. Create an Evernote folder where you gather blog post ideas.  

4. Decide on a blogging schedule that you can stick to.  

5. Put blogging time into your calendar each week.  


Get 5,000 page views and 600 social shares.


 1. Share in 5 Facebook groups each week.  

2. Share posts in your Facebook page every time you publish them.  

3. Join 5 Pinterest group boards and share your posts on the boards.  

4. Tweet each post out 5 times.  

Do you see how you can set goals for your blog, and then work backwards to achieve them?