You want to write blog posts that readers devour like kids in a cupcake shop.

You’ll come out with a clear picture of how to write blog posts that actually grow your audience. 

Stop littering your WordPress dashboard with drafts of half-written blog posts. 

You’ll come out feeling more confident about your writing and ready to publish all of the posts you thought “weren’t good enough.” 

Do you ever feel like there is so much you could do to improve your blog, but you’re not even sure what those improvements would be?

By the end of the Blog Makeover, your blog will feel the way you do after you get a fantastic haircut – beautiful and ready to be seen.

Get more blog traffic without spending a lot of time on social media.

 You’ll come out with a plan for getting consistent traffic from your ideal readers, and you’ll learn how to leverage Pinterest to grow your email list, too.

What’s the deal with growing your email list?

In the this course, you will learn which tools you need to grow your list, how to create opt-in freebies your readers actually want, how to grow your list faster, and how to convert subscribers into buyers.

I’ve gotten over 2,000 email subscribers with my free challenge. 

In this course, I walk you step by step through the entire process of creating and launching a free challenge to grow your email list.

In order to truly serve your readers, you need to know them as well as you know your BFF.

You will come out with a ton of blog post and email freebie ideas that will grow your blog and serve and inspire your audience. 

Wondering what to sell with your blog? 

Come out with a blueprint for your first product and a clear sense of how to sell something that people will gobble up like cupcakes on a Friday afternoon.  

Let’s face it. Blogging can feel like a HUGE task.

Come away with a sense of purpose and a clear plan for achieving your blogging goals. 

The key to growing your blog is to keep working on it. But that’s not always as easy as it sounds

In this course, you’ll learn the 8 mindset tools that will keep you on the path to creating a blog that you and your audience love.