I had the great pleasure of working with Daniela 1:1 when I was looking for someone to teach me about blogging. Blogging, as in from A-Z, the whole she-bang of blogging. I was a total beginner and completely intimidated by the idea of putting myself out there.

I knew I had to find an awesome teacher –- someone I could trust while feeling completely vulnerable—and that’s where Daniela came in. Over the course of our time together I learned so much. Things like finding my focus (and my voice), creating a conversation between me and my readers, understanding story arcs, getting your readers to fall in love with my blog and a ton more.

Daniela has an easy, warm communication style and a great sense of humor, which made working with her a delight. In my view, she’s one of the best blogging teachers out there. If you’re looking to create a standout blog and need help getting there, Daniela’s your go-to guide.

Lisa Northey
Lisa NortheyOwner, Many Hats Coaching

I came to Daniela completely lost in my blog. I went into our session with nothing other than a small list of questions I had come up with for a new package I was creating, and I had no idea how to translate those into something that I could actually write about. Within the first half hour of our discovery session, she had transformed that list of 8 questions into months of blog post topics and post series that I was excited about writing! By the end of our session, I had complete clarity, not only about what to write, but also how these ideas fit into the big picture of my business and what they had to offer my readers. I would highly recommend working with Daniela!

Desiree Jester
Desiree JesterWebsite designer

Daniela makes you think about blogging in a strategic way. This has greatly improved the subjects I use for my blog, as well as the way I write. She has a great way of asking questions that results in a more informative and engaging blog. The first post that I wrote with Daniela’s help has resulted in the largest audience to date on my blog, and I’ve received more comments than ever. Thanks Daniela!!

Naomi Stevens
Naomi StevensSocial Media Manager

Daniela has a strong sense of branding and marketing so that your writing speaks to your potential customer. She has coached me to become a better writer so that my blogs engage my readers immediately and inspire them to take action. I would recommend Daniela to anyone who is struggling with any type of writing. She’s a pleasure to work with and will bring a lot of value to your business.

Danielle Menditch
Danielle MenditchCareer Counselor

Daniela helped me gain clarity and communicate more powerfully. She is easy to work with, engaging, asks good questions, and most importantly I’ve gotten good feedback about my writing!

Josh Kalsbeek
Josh KalsbeekTherapist, Founder of RTribe App

I’ve learned what my niche is, who my readers are, and most of all, I’ve gained the confidence to provide the content my readers want. Daniela is so supportive and generous with her information and her time.

Sue Loncaric
Sue LoncaricBlogger