Do you ever feel like there is so much you could do to improve your blog, but you’re not even sure what those improvements would be?

You keep telling yourself you will work on it, but it never gets done. Other things get in the way.

Like your life.

And even when you do have time, you lack the confidence to work on your blog, because you feel like you’re always missing something.

That’s where this challenge comes in.

You’ll get a step-by-step, completely doable action plan for improving your blog’s design and content.

Your blog will go from lacking pizzazz to reflecting your awesome personality. 

From being unshare-able to being tweeted, liked, and pinned. 

…and you’ll be doing it alongside other bloggers who are there to give you feedback, support, and a nudge in the right direction.

(Oh, and did I mention it’s free?)

I can’t believe this was free–there was tremendous value in the Challenge and in your work with us. You finish with a blog you can be proud of and a template of how to do it should you begin another blog. I can finally say I am proud of my blog–it’s taken me years to get to this point and with Daniela’s help, it took days. Thanks!

Nicole Nenninger

When Daniela says all these things can be done in 15 minutes a day, she means it!! There were a few things I spent more time on out of person choice. Each task was simple and she explained in great detail how to do it. If you feel like you want an amazing looking and feeling blog….TAKE THIS COURSE!!!!!

Dawn Krajewski

Not only did I learn a lot from Daniela’s Blog Makeover, I had fun, too. The way it was structured made it easy to follow along. She knows her stuff and offers simple, step by step methods to achieve a better blog. Highly recommended.

Monica Bruno

Daniela Uslan knows what to know about blogging and she is professional, kind and I just love the simple, easy way she explains valuable things.

Annette Weinold
      • In the beginning of the challenge, you will get a PDF agenda of all of the daily challenges.


    • You will get an email in your inbox every weekday morning telling you about the challenge of the day.


    • The challenge of the day will be posted in a private Facebook group so that all of the participants can share their awesomeness and ask for feedback.


    All of the daily challenges take 15 minutes or less. But they make quite an impact on the success of your blog.

What if I don’t have 15 minutes a day to focus on my blog right now?

That’s fine. You are welcome to join the challenge and participate whenever you wish. You will also have the PDF agenda and emails to complete the challenge at your own pace later on.

What if some of the daily challenges don’t apply to me?

Only participate in the days that do apply to you. The challenge is here for you, so you are invited to participate however you see fit.

What if I start the challenge and don’t like it?

You can unsubscribe from the emails and leave the Facebook group at any time. But I am pretty sure that you will love it.

What if I don’t want emails or don’t want to join the Facebook group? Can I do one or the other?

If you don’t want emails, you are welcome to unsubscribe after you get your intro PDF. If you don’t want to join the Facebook group, you can do the activities on your own. But you will be missing out on building some great relationships!

I will ABSOLUTELY enter another Blog Makeover Challenge. I always want to work on my blog skills, and this is a perfect way to do so. I may even go back through the emails and take them a step further.

Clare Dinuzzo

Daniela creates a fun, encouraging, comfortable, and inspiring environment in which to improve your blog! The challenges are short which helps you learn to make decisions and shows you that you really do have time each day to commit to your blog. Any and all questions are welcome. If you’re busy but want to improve your blog in just a few minutes a day, take the 10 Day Blog Makeover Challenge!

Jenn Arman

I loved that you were so involved in the process. I also loved that you weren’t making any money out of us – it was just a sharing of your knowledge and skills and felt like a real kindness. You were encouraging and positive and willing to share links and advice and answer questions. It was a great experience all round and I’d recommend it to any new blogger.

Leanne Le Cras

The 10 Day Blog Challenge helped me to view my blogging in a different light and to really look at the bones of it all. There was a great sense of community with everyone working together with the same goal, that of improving their own blogs while helping others! The few minutes a day spent on improving my blog was all that was required but made a big difference!

Monique Beasley

They include:

      • Branding for your unique personality and style


      • Getting clear on your blog’s message


      • Supercharging your blog design


      • Improving your writing


  …and more!

So…are you ready to transform your blog in just 15 minutes a day for 10 days? Click the button below, fill out your info, and you’ll be in!