Why Your Blog is Already Wildly Successful


Why Your Blog is Already Wildly Successful

What if your success as a blogger had nothing to do with your number of pageviews or subscribers, and everything to do with your confidence in your own voice and determination to succeed?

Here’s the thing. You CAN’T control your number of pageviews or subscribers. So why use them as a measure of your success?

You CAN write great content, promote your stuff to the right people, and keep experimenting and seeing what works. You CAN figure out what matters to you, and stick with it.

Most of us start blogging because we have something important to say, we want the freedom to work for ourselves, or we’re just driven to express ourselves.

But then the comparison to others and the endless drive for more gets in the way.

We measure our self worth by our email subscribers and blog traffic. Instead of writing something that really matters, we run around like crazy trying to figure out what will go viral.

Yes, it’s important to know your audience and write content they crave. But it’s equally, if not more, important to remember that this is YOUR blog.

This is YOUR creation. It’s an expression of who you are, your unique take on the world, and your incredible voice.

So keep at it.

And know that putting your creative work into the world is a success all on its own.