9 Fears that are Keeping You from a Blogging Breakthrough


9 fears that are keeping you from a blogging breakthrough

Have you ever read a blog that just crackles with authenticity and awesomeness? A blog that you immediately love, and follow, and want to come back to again and again?

And then, after finding that blog, you think, I wish my blog was this good. I wish I could write this well.

The good news is, you can.

The only thing keeping you from having a truly awesome blog is your fear. Here are 9 fears that may be holding you back right now.

1. Fear of not being good enough

We all have imposter syndrome. Even the most successful people feel it. That we’re not good enough, that we don’t belong. That we’re just pretending.

If you’re worried, My blog isn’t good enough, ask yourself this: Good enough for what?

Good enough for people to want to read it? Good enough for your standards? Good enough to be as successful as the top bloggers? Because that’s going to take awhile.

Just that fact that you’re writing at all is good. It’s amazing, in fact. It’s good enough for now. And as you keep doing the work, it will get better and better.

2. Fear of doing something different

In order to develop your voice, you must do something different. You must figure out why you are different from all of the other writers out there.

But being different is scary. It leaves you open to ridicule. You may be afraid that people won’t get it. Or that they’ll attack you for it.

It’s much safer and easier to follow the pack. To write what other people are already writing.

But you’ll never make something that really matters by following the pack.

The next time you’re afraid of being different, think of it this way: By claiming your uniqueness, you are making it okay for others to do the same. And that is truly a gift.

3. Fear of doing something that’s already being done

The other day, I met someone who told me she wants to blog.

She hosts people from all over the world, and cooks with them, and learns their stories.

She said she wanted to blog about it, but didn’t know if someone was already doing it.

I told her that if someone is already writing about it successfully, it’s a good thing. Because it means that people want to read about it.

If you want to write about something, do it. Who cares if someone is already doing it? You’ll do it differently. You’ll do it in a way that only you can.

4. Fear of not having the success you want

Ah, fear of failure. Such a familiar feeling.

Who doesn’t fear failure?

But the only way to find success is to fail a LOT.

The only different between super successful people and the rest of us is that they failed faster. They leapt in and they failed and they learned.

Even Steve Jobs failed. He was fired by Apple at age 30. Then he went on to create technology used by millions of people.

So if you’re afraid of failure, don’t be. Because you will fail. But you need to fail in order to become great.

5. Fear of having too much success

This one seems strange. Too much success? How could anyone fear that?

But success can be scary. If you make it big, then you’ll have to figure out lots and lots of things. You may not be prepared to handle what comes your way. In fact, you won’t be.

But as you grow, you’ll learn.

Ask yourself: Am I afraid of success?

If so, it’s really good to know that. And if it makes you feel better, read lots of blogs about what to do when you are astonishingly successful.

And know, too, that when that success comes, you’ll have the money to hire a coach (and a staff) to help you.

6. Fear that people will judge you

Being judged SUCKS.

Every time I share a post on Facebook, I wonder, Will my friends be annoyed that I keep sharing my blog posts?

I’m afraid they’re going to judge me for clogging their news feeds.

But lots of people have told me they’ve read my blog and liked it.

So for every person that judges you negatively, know that other people will want to hear what you have to say. It’s not really fair to deprive them of your wisdom just because other people don’t want to hear it.

So write for them.

7. Fear of being seen

If you want to write in your own voice, you have to be willing to be seen.

In all of your imperfect, flawed glory.

And that’s scary.

I read a LOT of blogs. And so many of the bloggers out there seem like complete experts.

So when I write that I’m insecure, or afraid, or that I lose stuff all the time, I feel vulnerable.

But that’s what people connect to – the realness of others. Not the perfection.

Scott Dinsmore is hugely successful. By any account, he has “made it.”

But the one email I got from him that I remember the best is one where he wrote about being afraid and insecure.

So don’t be afraid to be seen. It’s only when people can truly see you that they can truly connect with you.

8. Fear of being “unprofessional”

Can I tell you how much I love being in the entrepreneurial world?

I can wear jeans every day. I can be whoever I want and no one will care.

My husband works in the medical field. There, you have to do everything in a very specific way, and make no mistakes, and be the best all the time.

I couldn’t deal with that.

But even though you’re in the blogging world where anything goes, you may worry about over-sharing. You may think, Do I really want people to know this about me?

I don’t think you have to share everything. In fact, please don’t. Only share what will help your audience feel closer to you.

But being genuinely yourself is not unprofessional. You’re lucky enough to be doing work where you’re allowed to be you. So embrace it.

9. Fear of doing it wrong

There are thousands of blog posts out there on how to do things right. You have to write posts that are over 1,000 words long and headlines that are 5-7 words long that include a number. You have to share on Twitter 12 times a day and on Facebook once a day and the list goes on and on.

So it’s scary to develop your voice, because you have to break the rules and figure out what works for you. You have to do things wrong.

But the only way to be unique is to figure out what is wrong and right for you.

Yes, learn what has worked for others. And then break the box. Do it your way.

A 4 Step Process for Dealing with Your Fears

1. Acknowledge your fears and negative thoughts.

2. Write them down. Be specific.

3. Ask yourself, Is this thought true? Is it wanted? Is it holding me back in any way?

4. Respond to the fears with a new thought that’s more helpful and positive.

Are any of these fears holding you back? Try these steps to overcome them.