5 Blogging Concerns You Can Stop Worrying About Now


5 Blogging Concerns You Can Stop Worrying About Now

I started 5 other failed blogs before I built this successful one.

The main difference between my old blogs and this one isn’t that I chose a better topic. It isn’t that I suddenly got lucky.

The huge, life (and blog)-altering difference is simple: I built the other blogs HOPING they would be successful. I built this one PLANNING for it to be successful.

When you build your blog with a base of hope, you are letting your emotions run the show. And along with the hope, lots of worries pop up everywhere.

Most of these fears aren’t based on reality, but it doesn’t matter, because your feelings are so strong and feel so important.

I’ve been there. In fact, I was there in the first few months of writing this blog. I felt overwhelmed and wondered if I would ever build an audience. Sometimes, it was hard to force myself to write another blog post.

But because I had a plan in place, I just kept going through the fears and the anxieties. And in the process, I’ve learned that most of my concerns were based on ideas that were completely and utterly wrong.

Here are 5 fears you absolutely don’t need to worry about anymore.

1. I’ll never build an audience.

When I first starting blogging, building an audience seemed like pure magic. It felt like Harry Potter himself needed to Apparate into my house, wave his wand, and yell, “Audience-a-mora” for me to actually get followers and repeat visitors on my blog.

Since then I’ve learned that there is a tried and true process for building an audience. And it really works.

In short, this process is:
1. Choose a specific topic to blog about.
2. Connect with people who are interested in reading about that topic, and learn what they really care about.
3. Write great blog posts that directly speak to their needs and desires.
4. Figure out where they hang out and share my blog posts there.
5. Promote and comment on their stuff as well to build relationships.
6. Repeat steps 2–5.

I’m not saying this process is simple or easy. But it does work. And if you go through the steps, you WILL build an audience. So you can stop worrying that you won’t.

Oh, and by the way, it has nothing to do with how awesome you are, how much of an expert you are, or how much authority you have. It’s all about connecting with other people. Period.

2. The successful bloggers are just better than I am.

Ah, blog envy. Who hasn’t felt it?

It’s so natural to look at other bloggers and think, Wow. I wish I had her blog. She’s a rockstar, and I’m just a lowly groupie.

But here’s the thing. Those successful bloggers aren’t any better than you are.

They’ve just been blogging longer. And they’ve figured out what works for them. And worked their tushies off to build their blogs and their audiences.

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You are totally worthwhile and amazing. And you can build a successful blog. So the next time you find yourself thinking, I’ll never be as good as [INSERT BLOGGER’S NAME HERE] replace that thought with, What do I need to learn to make my blog the best it can be?

You’ll get a whole lot farther that way.

3. I have to figure this out on my own.

Oy. This one makes me cringe.

Because I did figure things out on my own. For four years. It took me four years to even start this blog. Isn’t that insane?

I could have built a successful blog SO much faster if I had known the step by step process for making it happen. And if I had found the right mentors and teachers in the beginning. But I was determined to do every single thing on my own.

You don’t have to build your blog on your own. And you SHOULDN’T. Really.

Join Facebook groups for bloggers.

Find mentors and take their courses. Read their stuff. Reach out to them. Blogging is way more fun when you do it with others. And you’ll stay committed to it when you have other bloggers supporting you along the way.

4. I have to learn every single thing about blogging before I can be successful.

I can’t tell you how many bloggers think they have to be blogging experts before they actually make their blogs live.

If someone told you, I can’t start running until I’m ready to run a marathon, wouldn’t you think they were just a little crazy?

When I started running, I would go for one minute at a time, then break for 90 seconds, then do another minute. You have to start somewhere.

It’s the same for blogging.

You write one post. Then you write another one. You learn how to add a logo to your blog one day, and then you learn how to use Pinterest a month later.

The only way to build a successful blog is to commit to the process. Commit to showing up one day at a time, and doing one step at a time.

Your blog will improve. You will learn everything you need to learn to make it successful. Just give it time.

5. What if I’m justing wasting time doing this blogging thing?

Most people just don’t get blogging.

They’ll say things like, Why can’t you hang out with me? You’re just working on your blog. It’s not that important.

Or, How is your blog going to make a difference in the world?

But even worse than what other people say is what you tell yourself.

What if I’m working on this for hours and it never goes anywhere?

Shouldn’t I be putting my time into something I know will make me money?

The amazing thing is that the success of your blog is actually something that you can control. Really.

If you keep coming back to it day after day, if you keep learning and connecting and experimenting, you will absolutely not be wasting your time.

When I think about my 5 failed blogs, none of them were a waste of time. Because they all helped me become the blogger I am today.


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