100 Bloggers Share Their Best Advice About Blogging (Part 4 of 4)


100 bloggers share their best advice about blogging part 4

Be true to who you are. Get a mentor. Trust your instincts.

These are just a few of the pearls of wisdom given by the amazing bloggers in this post.

This is the 4th and final installment of a roundup of 100 bloggers best advice on blogging.

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The reason I did this roundup is because I know that the best way to learn and to grow in your blogging journey is to learn from other bloggers, bloggers on the same path as you.

I hope you enjoy reading their words of wisdom.


Kaitlyn AloryKaitlyn Alory of Freshly Messy

Find a mentor that you trust, that you “click” with, and whose strengths mimic your weaknesses.

The biggest thing I’ve done for my blog is the same thing as my biggest piece of advice to new bloggers: find a mentor that you trust, that you “clique” with, and whose strengths mimic your weaknesses. For example, if you are having trouble with consistently writing the same topic, find a mentor who is a guru in finding your focus and voice. Make sure this mentor has FAITH in you. And encourages you.

Check out Kaitlyn’s blog.

Amanda Kanashiro Amanda Kanashiro of My Gluten Free Miami

Join membership groups where you can ask questions and get support.

The one thing that has made the biggest difference for me is joining membership groups where I am able to ask questions and get support. Being new to blogging, I feel a bit lost at times and it is easy to get discouraged. Having some direction when I am clueless and support when I am feeling down has helped continue in the journey. Blogging is a marathon, not a sprint.

Check out Amanda’s blog.

Genevieve DuboisGeneviève Germaine Dubois of GiGi Eats Celebrities

You need to seek out blog friends and build relationships.

ENGAGE! ENGAGE! ENGAGE! No, I’m not talking about getting down on one knee and getting engaged that way. I am talking about visiting fellow bloggers, building relationships, asking questions, getting to know others. Blogging should NOT be a selfish thing. You shouldn’t expect people to come visit your blog after you press PUBLISH. You need to do the work. You need to seek out blog friends and build relationships! Over the years of my blogging, I have built incredible relationships – some of my best friends are fellow bloggers – and my making friends/connections has led to an extreme influx of traffic and 100 + comments of every single one of my blog posts!

Check out Geneviéve’s blog.

Stacey Higdon Stacey Higdon of Higdons’ Happy Home

Be skeptical and do your research before listening to advice.

Be skeptical. There are so many people out there promising you’ll get views, or likes, or whatever if you just do this “one thing”. But the truth is, things in the blogging world change quickly, so their “one thing” may leave you high and dry in a few months. Or it may not have even ever been a “thing”. So before you jump on a bandwagon and start making major changes to your blog, do some research. Are there other people that can verify that advice worked for them? Is it consistent with what the search engines and social media sites are saying (after all, who knows the Google search algorithm better than Google)? Does the blogger giving you advice have a blog or a career worth emulating? If you can answer yes to all of these things, then go for it! If not, you may be saving yourself a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Check out Stacey’s blog.

Jennifer NaveJennifer Nave of Nellie’s Granddaughter

Give yourself permission to trust your own instincts and abilities, even (or especially) when your instincts are not the mainstream norm.

The thing that has made the biggest difference for me and my blog is: Once and for all, giving myself permission to trust my own instincts and abilities, even (or especially) when my instincts are not the mainstream norm. I have been studying and researching, and then researching and studying some more, reading every blogging article and watching every how-to blogging video, cruising other blogs and soaking up every bit of information I could find.

What I hoped to accomplish was delving into the blogging world informed and ready to take on the world. What I actually accomplished was crippling anxiety and gun-shy insecurities.

Then I stumbled across Daniela Uslan’s post about “Stop Listening To Blogging Advice And Do This Instead.” A light bulb went on, the sun came out and with incandescent clarity I knew… “Just Do It!” “If you build it, they will come!” START! One foot in front of the other! Begin!

If I had trusted myself, my skills and abilities, and my vision, my blog would be almost a year old. Because I allowed myself to be chipped away by indecision and fear of failing, (like someone, with a runny nose sitting glued to WebMD devouring medical terms and facts and pretty soon you’re convinced you have a brain tumor and 2 hours to live.) My blog is only about 6 months old, but I love it and I’m happy and moving forward in my very own way!

Check out Jennifer’s blog.

Alexina WallAlexina Andros Wall of Life in Focus

Don’t blog because it’s right, blog because it’s right for you.

Don’t blog because you should, blog because it’s right for you. Regardless of why you decided to start a blog – business promotion, passion or personal growth – write because you want to, because it works for you. There are dozens of ways to promote your business, hundreds of ways to express your passions, thousands of ways to grow. Lack of enthusiasm, commitment or desire to write is hard to hide, and not what you want to share with your readership. Don’t blog because it’s right, blog because it’s right for you.

Check out Alexina’s blog.

Kathleen BaileyKathleen Bailey of Biannual Blogathon Bash

Make it easy for people to share and promote your content for you.

My advice is to make it easy for people to share and promote your content for you with easy share buttons on every post, your twitter ID in every tweet. Have a newsletter with an opt-in freebie, even if it’s just a summary of your recent posts. Have share buttons on your newsletter too. Finally, write for the audience you want to reach. Figure out what your target audience is and then write as if you were talking to them.

Check out Kathleen’s blog.

Maria BloggerMaria of Collecting Moments

Content is king, but engagement is queen.

Content is king, but Engagement is queen. You can have the most inspiring and life changing words the whole blogging world has to offer, but if you don’t engage with your readers and expand your audience it’ll be a waste–of your time, your talent and your words. So share, connect, and talk to your readers. They’re part of the backbone to your success, and you have to keep them strong to solidify your ground.

Check out Maria’s blog.


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Marie CampbellMarie Campbell Beausoleil of Just Plain Marie

Picture one ideal reader and write to that person.

The one thing that made a difference: I stopped journaling and started focusing on long (1500-8000 words!), evergreen posts that had social media-optimized graphics and had a real benefit to the reader. And “reader”, singular. Picture one ideal reader and write to that person.

Check out Marie’s blog.

Erica MacDonaldErica MacDonald

My best advice for other bloggers is to start an email list.

My best advice for other bloggers is to start an email list if you haven’t already.  Collect addresses using a service like MailChimp even if you do not think that you will ever use them to send out a newsletter.

Many blogs start out as a hobby. Later their blog becomes a content marketing platform for their business. When they become a business they decide to start collecting email addresses. These blog owners will lament the fact that every website visitor over the years of hobby blogging could have potentially been an email subscriber.

Check out Erica’s blog.

Chery SchmidtChery Schmidt of Success with Chery Schmidt

You are unique in your own way, with your own voice, so stop comparing yourself to others.

The best advice I have for other bloggers is to just be yourself! You are unique in your own way, with your own voice, so stop comparing yourself to others.

Your blog will always be a work in progress. Yeppers just get on it and learn as you go, educate yourself with the knowledge that you need right now to take you to the next step. Get started and Never Give UP.

Check out Chery’s blog.

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Ann MiszszakAnn Miszczak

Plan out your posts.

Plan out your posts. I have tried to manage without doing it with little success. Now that I plan and schedule my posts it gives me the time to really create valuable content for my readers.

Check out Ann’s blog.

AnamikaAnamika Ojha

My advice for bloggers is to get your content rich and interesting. Use lots of high quality images captured from your own camera. It leaves more impact on the readers rather than the plain content. Don’t get dishearten if you have less traffic on your blog because Rome was not built in a day. But you need to be consistent in your efforts and try to network with bloggers. Join Blogger communities on Social Media and present your work to others bloggers…Gradually you will see the difference.

Check out Anamika’s blog.

Zen ZhouZen Zhou of Happiness Wherever

Sites like Stumble Upon and Reddit have made a huge difference to my traffic.

One common piece of blogging advice is “be social” but what on earth does it mean?! To me, I find that it translates into joining and participating in social networks – not Facebook, Instagram and Twitter though you should be on those- but sites like Stumble Upon and Reddit have made a huge difference to my traffic.

Check out Zen’s blog.

Denise PiersonDenise Pierson of I Choose Me

Get a blogging buddy.

My best advice is to get a “blogging buddy.” My buddy and I meet up once a week for a workday. We have created a schedule of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. We set learning goals for the coming week and share our findings when we meet again. My buddy is my cheerleader, my accountability, and most of all, my friend.

Check out Denise’s blog.

ElizavetaElizaveta Hesketh of Box Roundup

Make your voice heard.

The best advice is be yourself, write about what you like, and are interested in, make your voice heard, and in the end it is your blog, and what you want to see there and write about – I find it is easier for me to write about things that I like and care about, and I know there are a lot of people who are similar to me, and would love to read what I have to say – I have that confidence.

Check out Elizaveta’s blog.

Samantha MunozSamantha Munoz, Brittany Nicole, and Sarah of DIY Just Cuz

Focus on the quality and consistency of your content.

Our best advice is to focus on the quality and consistency of your content. As a coauthored blog we always have to make sure to keep our posts, pictures, and formatting consistent which we didn’t do at first. Once we focused on the quality of our projects and our posts, publicizing has been a breeze! Related to this, invest time and energy to learn to take fantastic photographs because people respond well to great photography.

Check out Samantha, Brittany, and Sarah’s blog.

Soji FagadeSoji Fagade

Do research into your ideal client.

I think one of the things that have worked well for me especially in relation to connecting with my audience is that I spent some time to do a bit of research into what I considered my ideal client, reader or customer and once I got that, I began to craft content to cater for the needs of that ideal client.

Check out Soji’s blog.

SinzianaSinziana Romanescu of Sparkling Shoes Girl

Be prepared for a lot of work and a lot of learning, reading, and researching.

Beside being yourself…because is the only way you can succeed…the most important advice that I can give to anyone who intend to start a blog is to be prepared for a lot of work and a lot of learning, reading, researching…there is no way back if you want to have a quality content and a growing blog.

Check out Sinziana’s blog.

Beth KastisBeth Kastis Tsounakas of Reviews of the Arts SA

Let people know you’ve mentioned them in your blog.

I started on Facebook, so the thing I did that helped me get followers was posting the links to blog posts on the pages of the people/companies mentioned in the blog, i.e. I mostly review movies and concerts, so when I do my review, I post to the Facebook page of the movie I reviewed. When I reviewed the Jersey Boys movie, one of the actors liked my FB page.

Check out Beth’s blog.



Jeanni CahillJeanni Cahill of Guard the Door

Don’t be afraid to change things up!

Don’t be afraid to change things up! If you feel your mission or voice has changed, be willing to share that with your readers and take them along on the journey with you. Just like life, your blog is a work in progress and sometimes it just needs some new life breathed into it.

Check out Jeanni’s blog.



BeateBeate Strīpniece of Hey There Bambi

Design is everything!

Design is everything! It’s no secret that humans love with their eyes. The best way to make them fall in love with your blog & stay there a bit longer is by paying a lot of attention to the way it looks & feels! Good quality photos are a huge bonus! Plus, don’t be scared to try a bunch of different styles. You’ll find your special one very soon.

Check out Beate’s blog.


ShadiShadi Hasanzade Nemati of Unicorns in the Kitchen

Find your own voice and don’t be afraid of using it.

My advice is work hard and be authentic. It will pay off and you will see the results. Find your own voice and don’t be afraid of using it.

Check out Shadi’s blog.

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FatimaFatima Ali of Blogs by FA

It’s a continuous journey.

I came across numerous issues when I was starting my blog and always when I thought I had mastered something, I came to know that there is something new that has popped up! Something new that I need to master my skill on. I would say, it’s a continuous journey. One can never stop learning! Although there is lots of help available through different blogging groups and websites, YOU are the one who is aware of the issue from its core and only YOU can solve it!

Check out Fatima’s blog.

Close up face portrait smallDaniela Uslan (that’s me!)

See blogging as an experiment, not an art project.

The best thing I’ve done, the thing that has kept me coming back to my blog again and again, even when it’s hard, and the thing that’s helped me grow my audience, is constant experimentation.

When you see your blog as an experiment, you aren’t afraid to try new things and keep improving. You also aren’t afraid to be honest and real, because it’s not your ego on the line.

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100 bloggers share their best advice about blogging part 4 of 4